Agent Q provides the AI to power shopping chatbots. Built by a team from Harvard, Cornell, and Google Agent Q analyzes raw product data, images, and common customer service questions/answers to automatically generate chatbots that understand user requests in natural language. Retailers and brands are able to harness the power of cuttingedge AI technology with minimal effort.

Ampathy is a new technology that productizes content for social impact. Currently in stealth mode, Ampathy is founded by Brian Sirgutz, former SVP of Social Impact and Innovation at The Huffington Post/AOL.

API Fortress is the most complete API testing and monitoring platform available today. The visual test composer empowers anyone to create comprehensive API tests without writing any code. The company offers their platform as a managed service to enterprise clients, and recently launched a selfservice feature which enables anyone to create a free account and get started. Create a test, schedule it to run autonomously, and get notified of issues as soon as they happen. A complete API solution that will strengthen customer retention and prevent revenue losses.

CU Lending Exchange (CULE) empowers credit unions with fullstack, whitelabeled digital lending technology. Led by Michael Taormina (cofounder of CommonBond) and Sumeet Gupta (cofounder of MW Eaglewood Europe), the CULE product provides a seamless, customercentric loan application experience for credit union members by helping credit unions to digitize their marketing, underwriting, risk management, and loan syndication processes.

Drawbridge Networks was founded upon a key realization: attackers WILL get inside the network. Working from this understanding, cyber security veterans John Terrill and Tom Cross decided to focus their efforts beyond the first point of compromise, to catch successful attackers as they attempt to infect other internal devices. They invented a unique approach to network microsegmentation, enabling enterprises to learn, detect, and automatically respond to internal attacks.

Envisagenics developed a bioinformatics software at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to discover new therapies of RNA splicing for cancer and genetic disorders using biomedical big data. 30 million people in the US suffer from genetic diseases or cancer caused by mutations affecting RNA splicing. Envisagenics SpliceCore TM platform will discover RNA therapeutics and biomarkers while increasing the efficacy of Biopharma’s R&D pipeline. Envisagenics has paying Biopharma customers, an SBIR Phase I award from NIH and three proofofconcept validations.

Execthread, Inc. is a startup is stealth mode, founded by Joe Meyer, former CEO of HopStop (acquired by Apple in 2013).

Knockaway is on a mission to remove the stress, uncertainty and risk from residential real estate. Started by founding team members of (acquired by Zillow for $2.5B), Knock is an online home selling platform that uses data science to price homes accurately, technology to sell them efficiently and a dedicated team of professionals to guide you every step of the way.

Lately is the first, selfservice, SaaS platform that unites fundamental processes and tools so marketers can collaboratively plan, execute, track and analyze campaigns from a single dashboard. Marketers waste $83 billion a year trying to organize a mess of disparate people, dozens of tools and processes that are fundamental to every business. Lately guides customers through these fundamentals, so anyone from CMOs to nonprofits to 30 million US SMB owners can understand and execute all their marketing, at an affordable price point.

Monthly Gift is a femme care subscription service powered by technology and empowering women to take control of their health. Catering to each member’s personal cycle, the Monthly Gift. app monitors cycle patterns while our subscription service drives a discreet, Little Black Box of customized tampons, pads and liners to your door before your period arrives (with chocolate). Our offering makes us the only brand in the market that is fully bespoke, offering our own tampons, pads and liners in a single box for one low price. We are bringing women exactly what they need, when they need it.

Nineteenth Amendment is the first marketplace and manufacturing platform for ondemand fashion that includes visualized consumer data and scalable US manufacturing through a proprietary production lifecycle management system. All garments are prepaid by consumers and manufactured on demand with a network of US manufacturers. Nineteenth Amendment has contracted over 400 brands from 29 countries and was the first startup to partner with Macy's Inc. Cofounders Amanda Curtis and Gemma Sole were named Forbes 30under30 for retail/ecommerce 2016. https:/

Nomad is the first online marketplace for freelance healthcare staffing. The platform enables clinicians and the institutions that hire them to find each other and transact directly, without a broker. Nomad cuts out mountains of paperwork, faxes, and phone calls, making staffing faster, more transparent, and substantially less expensive. And best of all, clinicians get paid more and employers pay less, so everyone wins."

ohmygreen makes employees healthy and happy by fully managing all aspects of food, beverage, and more. We're now becoming a complete wellness platform with exercise, insurance, rejuvenation management, and more. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies as well as startups.

Paladin is streamlining corporate social responsibility (CSR) by building a global pro bono marketplace where professionals—starting with lawyers—connect with personalized pro bono opportunities and companies can track their positive impact. By working with firms and corporations to increase pro bono engagement, P aladin seeks to increase access to justice. The team has previously worked at Skadden, the UN, the Justice Department, Grouper (a YC alum), and Expa. is modern civil engineering, our core technology provides an API and corresponding data platforms that municipalities use to solve the problems associated with integrating, making sense of and manage the complexity of the many disparate data sources that exist today. Cities can finally work with companies from share economy to IoT Providers allowing the pushing and pulling real time data, payment or regulation, we move cities from reactive to proactive.

Stay Wanderful is reinventing loyalty! We all have points fatigue (e.g. 1k points at Best Buy, Hertz, Hyatt, Delta) where it can take time to reap a benefit with get instant rewards instead of points (Free GoGo Wifi, Starbucks, VIP service.)! We are currently servicing independent hotels.

Tradefin is a supplier finance marketplace that will transform supplier finance by making credit more accessible and affordable to small and midsize suppliers and making it convenient and rewarding for institutional investors/alternative investors to invest in supply chain finance. Like “Lending Club” has disrupted the consumer credit market, “TradeFin” plans to disrupt the supplier credit market. We are attacking a global problem and a multitrillion dollar market.

Waypoint Media is the advertising platform for the streaming generation. With Waypoint, brands can reach millions of customers through unblockable advertising on live video content online. Waypoint’s proprietary technology unobtrusively inserts advertising directly into broadcasts on live video platforms such as, YouTube Gaming and Facebook Live.