Applications for the Grand Central Tech are now closed. 
Applications will open again for Founder-in-Residence and for Startup-in-Residence in the fall.
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Grand Central Tech Residency Program

Housed inside the Company campus and run by the Company Ventures team,  the GCT Residency program gathers ~20 of NYC's top pre-Series A companies and ~10 pre-company entrepreneurs exploring new ideas.

To each, we provide top-flight growth resources, rent-free workspace, a world-class peer network, and the support of our seasoned venture development team. Otherwise, we get out of the way.

We believe genius can be found anywhere and that your vision and ability to execute are more important than your point of origin.

We screen for deep domain expertise and entrepreneurial experience, ultimately selecting founders who aspire to be part of a tight-knit community of high-achieving operators with a shared set of values.

For these high quality entrepreneurs, this is the ideal program and community.




startups per year

alumni companies

raised from leading VCs







This year, the GCT Residency has two tracksPre-Series A startups join the year-long Startup-in-Residence, our core program entering its 6th year.  Pre-company entrepreneurs join the four-month Founder-in-Residence, a brand new program launching this year. As always, the GCT Residency is a no rent, no equity program.


Are you a pre-seed or seed backed company?

Application Deadline:

November 22, 2019

Program Start

Mid-January 2020

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  • ~ 20 Pre-Seed & Seed Companies
  • Year-long program
  • No rent, no equity
  • Established 2014
  • Focus on executive leadership, team skills development, and comprehensive milestone design & execution


Are you an entrepreneur exploring an idea for a new startup?

Application Deadline:

November 22, 2019

Program Start:

Mid-January 2020

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  • ~ 20 Pre-Seed & Seed Companies
  • Year-long program
  • No rent, no equity
  • Established 2014
  • Focus on executive leadership, team skills development, and comprehensive milestone design & execution

Residency Benefits

Collaboration with a highly curated, diverse founder and operator network

  • Daily access to a community of ~30-40 of NYC’s top startup CEOs and founders
  • Peer-led programming that addresses the challenges of early-stage ventures

Venture fundraising support

  • Tactical introductions to leading VCs (GCT program companies have raised $1.3BN in venture capital from top firms over 5 years)
  • Bespoke advice from the Company Ventures team on fundraise positioning and strategy
  • Potential investment (pre-Seed through Series A) from Company Ventures

Targeted expert resources and programming

  • Growth resources available on opt-in basis (e.g. executive coaching, talent recruitment)
  • 100+ person expert network across product, design, engineering, brand strategy, sales, marketing, culture, and impact

Corporate access

  • Introductions to corporates for potential pilots, product integrations, customer/supplier relationships, or investment
  • Corporate partners include: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Mastercard, JetBlue, Lowe’s, Bose, MRM/McCann, Carta, Brex, First Republic, WSGR, NYCEDC

Rent-free office space, no equity fee

  • One year of free rent in GCT’s new office space
  • No equity fee to participate
  • Access to broader Company campus (see images below)
  • Flexible office space post-program in variety of formats to solve long-term growth needs (no requirement to stay but most choose to do so)

Minimal but meaningful expectations of participants

  • Participation in bi-weekly founders lunches and executive leadership curriculum
  • Periodic check-ins with the Company venture development team
  • Inclusion of Company Ventures in future fundraising discussions
  • Adherence to Company’s community values of inclusivity, diversity, and access

Program Alumni

“Company is a strong community filled with remarkably talented and warm individuals. Given its unique value proposition, it's able to attract great founders and their teams, leading to an extremely high-quality group of entrepreneurs who add a lot of value to their fellow companies.”

Brad Hargreaves
Founder & CEO, Common (GCT '16)

Select Alumni Companies

Company Campus

With 1 million+ square feet, Company houses a curated community of top-tier companies that span the innovation spectrum from venture-backed startups to large enterprises. By facilitating meaningful interactions between peers and delivering a dynamic shared experience, we help businesses of all sizes unlock true value.

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