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Transforming promising companies into extraordinary ones

GCT is a community of startups and strategic partners that breaks from the traditional accelerator model by providing an unparalleled value proposition.


Accepted companies will receive FREE office space for a YEAR with ZERO equity fee to participate. To support these companies, we have assembled an incredible group of Strategic Advisors, Mentors, Corporate Partners, Growth Partners, and Educational Institutions.

Put these pieces together, and our model looks something like this:


Qualified Startups

(Take this)

Best of breed startups focused on transforming their given industries; savvy enough to want to preserve their equity and initial capital.

Free Space & Resources

(Add this)

Exhaustive package of perks and services that goes well beyond the standard, including an in-house recruiting team to source premier talent.

Advisory Support & Networking

(And this)

An influential Strategic Advisory Board, mentor companies, a broad network of interested VCs and Angels, top-flight corporate partners, access to talent from NYC’s top schools, and perhaps our most valuable asset––your peers.

Dynamic Engine for Value Creation & Growth

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A model purposefully built to channel NYC’s unrivaled institutional advantages––Fortune 500 companies, top schools, global networks––for the benefit of the city’s economy as a whole as well our community of startups.

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15,000 sq ft overlooking Grand Central Terminal

Facebook's former NYC headquarters, our beautiful wide-open space in the heart of the city.



Grand Central Tech has assembled a truly innovative group of partners to ensure our companies receive the best advice from the broadest and richest range of inputs. We have gathered an experienced and connected Strategic Advisory Board, selected Mentors and Mentor Companies that have been there before, identified a broader network of interested VC’s and Angels, reached out to Corporate and Growth Partners, and partnered with some of New York’s most amazing educational programs and high schools (including, where relevant, alumni and parent networks that represent an incredibly diverse range of practitioner level experience). Last but not least is the community of premier startups that will be surrounding you.


Strategic Advisors

We’ve carefully assembled an exciting group of Strategic Advisors that are instrumental in selecting participating startups, providing guidance, and generally shaping our program. Our advisors come from a wide array of professional backgrounds, but all have a wealth of experience and deep connections throughout the technology landscape. An initial (though still growing) list is as follows:


Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners represent the very best of New York and global business. Facilitating two-way dialogue between emerging and established companies creates lasting benefit for both, and the broader NYC economy.

JP Morgan Chase

Goldman Sachs


Growth Partners

Starting a company isn’t easy. And while some tasks are more vital than others, every company needs to be buttoned up when it comes to their foundational documents and term sheets, their tax and accounting policies, and their strategy for making themselves known to the world. The best way to cover these bases is by working with the pros. So we’ve assembled some of the best in the game:

Cornell tech
Programming Partner
Wilson Sonsini
Eisner Amper
Tax & Accounting
Strategic Communications
general assembly
Community Partner
American Airlines

Educational Partners

Fostering the next generation of tech talent and broadening access to the benefits of the tech economy is in our DNA. We’ve partnered with some of NYC’s premier high schools to place their best recent graduates as interns with GCT companies and leverage the advice and influence of their alumni as mentors. We also work with and support a number of programs that bolster and expand STEM instruction and/or provide exposure to the NYC tech economy for talented young people from public schools around the city.

network for teaching entrepreneurship
Girls who code
Regis NYC School
Riverdale Country School
Trinity School
Choate Rosemary Hall



We’re looking for companies that span the entire startup spectrum. We believe mixing companies of varying levels of maturity can unlock potential. And we’re looking for individuals interested in building a community that takes mentorship and diversity as seriously as value creation and growth.

We prefer to think of the “tech” in GCT as “tech-facilitated entrepreneurship.” We’re as interested in the next big data platform as developing the next great hearing aid. We want the best companies working to solve big problems and tackle significant challenges.

GCT is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity with a specific focus on women, underrepresented minorities, and veterans. We are proud that the composition of our inaugural class reflects the composition of the great city in which we work.

If you think you’re after something big, we want to hear from you.


Nope. Believe it. We only ask two things: One, to be a great community member and to take on at least one intern from our internship program. In the past, 85% of our interns have been offered ongoing, paid work with their companies. They are great. Two, to commit to staying in the building for a period of four years provided doing so is not deleterious to your business. We’ve built a highly configurable, 40,000 square foot coworking space to fit your company’s needs as they grow.
Because you will get access to absolute best-in-class resources at the best possible rates: FREE. Our community of mentors and advisers, the resources we’ve assembled, and the companies/potential customers and investors we will expose you to will give your company the very best chance possible at success. And, once your time in the Accelerator is completed, we have ensured you will retain connectivity to an enduring, supportive community focused on value creation and building the foundations for tech growth in New York City. Nothing like Grand Central Tech exists yet. Help us build it.
You should apply as soon as your materials are ready. Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. All applications are due by end of day April 30th (that’s 11:59pm EST).
We review every single application and conduct interviews where appropriate on a rolling basis beginning in April, running through May, with final decisions made in June.
GCT’s 2015 class will kick off the first week of July. The program will run through Memorial Day of 2016.
Yes! We will host an open house during the application period so you can meet the team and check out the space. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Twitter for updates on the date and details.
We look at 5 key areas for each applicant: 1.) Team dynamic and composition 2.) Scope of the idea (We especially like big, important ideas attacking big, lucrative markets) 3.) Traction 4.) Strength of underlying technology 5.) Community fit

2015 Class

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s GCT class!

Cohero Health
Drilling Analytics


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2014 Class

Cohero Health
Drilling Analytics
Mast Mobile
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