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GCT is thrilled to announce we are now accepting applications for our 2015-2016 class!

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Transforming promising companies into extraordinary ones

GCT is a community of startups and strategic partners that breaks from the traditional accelerator model by providing an unparalleled value proposition.


Accepted companies will receive FREE office space for a YEAR with ZERO equity fee to participate. To support these companies, we have assembled an incredible group of Strategic Advisors, Mentors, Corporate Sponsors, Growth Partners, and Educational Institutions.

Put these pieces together, and our model looks something like this:


Qualified Startups

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Best of breed startups focused on transforming their given industries; savvy enough to want to preserve their equity and initial capital.

Free Space & Resources

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Exhaustive package of perks and services that goes well beyond the standard, including an in-house recruiting team to source premier talent.

Advisory Support & Networking

(And this)

An influential Strategic Advisory Board, mentor companies, a broad network of interested VCs and Angels, top-flight corporate partners, access to talent from NYC’s top schools, and perhaps our most valuable asset––your peers.

Dynamic Engine for Value Creation & Growth

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A model purposefully built to channel NYC’s unrivaled institutional advantages––Fortune 500 companies, top schools, global networks––for the benefit of the city’s economy as a whole as well our community of startups.

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15,000 sq ft overlooking Grand Central Terminal

Facebook's former NYC headquarters, our beautiful wide-open space in the heart of the city.



Grand Central Tech has assembled a truly innovative group of partners to ensure our companies receive the best advice from the broadest and richest range of inputs. We have gathered an experienced and connected Strategic Advisory Board, selected Mentors and Mentor Companies that have been there before, identified a broader network of interested VC’s and Angels, reached out to Corporate and Growth Partners, and partnered with some of New York’s most amazing educational programs and high schools (including, where relevant, alumni and parent networks that represent an incredibly diverse range of practitioner level experience). Last but not least is the community of premier startups that will be surrounding you.


Strategic Advisors

We’ve carefully assembled an exciting group of Strategic Advisors that are instrumental in selecting participating startups, providing guidance, and generally shaping our program. Our advisors come from a wide array of professional backgrounds, but all have a wealth of experience and deep connections throughout the technology landscape. An initial (though still growing) list is as follows:



formation 8
Joe is a Partner at Formation 8, a fund which invests in top startups and connects them with Asian conglomerates to drive innovation at a global scale. Joe co-founded Palantir Technologies, a multi-billion dollar software company which develops mission-critical analysis systems used by government and financial organizations around the world. He is also the founder of Addepar, a leader in private wealth management technology.
Michael Milstein


Boylan Bottling
Michael M. Milstein is the CEO of Boylan Bottling Co, an artisanal beverage company, and Co-Founder and Chairman of Grand Central Tech. He is also a partner at New York Private Bank & Trust and a partner at Milstein Properties and is on the boards of The Nicklaus Companies and Ostendo Technologies. Philanthropically, Michael serves on a number of boards including the Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership Foundation.


Harrison is a Vice Chairman of LeFrak, a privately owned firm engaged in the ownership, management, and development of real property, the exploration of energy, and investments in securities. Over the past decade, he has helmed LeFrak’s growing activities in the technology investments space and established himself as one of New York’s leading technology thinkers.


Justin Rockefeller runs Special Relations at Addepar, a company reinventing the tools to aggregate and analyze financial data. In March 2013, Justin cofounded The ImPact, a nonprofit/NGO membership organization comprised of investors who pledge to make impact investments, track their social impact and financial progress, and share those data with others who have made The Pact. He is also a Venture Partner at Richmond Global, a global venture capital firm.
Steven Hodas


Innovate NYC Schools
Following a string of successes as an edtech entrepreneur, including building the US Government’s first public website while working at NASA, Steven has spent the past 5 years working closely with early-stage entrepreneurs, launched two companies of his own and recently joined the NYC DOE to head its Ecosystem Initiative, which seeks to foster smart demand for innovative solutions to the most pressing problems in the nation’s largest school district.
Andrew Yang


Venture for America
Andrew Yang is the author of Smart People Should Build Things and the Founder and CEO of Venture for America. Previously, Andrew was CEO and President of Manhattan GMAT, acquired by the Washington Post/Kaplan in 2009. He was named a Champion of Change by the White House in 2011 for his work with Venture for America and one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business” for 2012 & 2013. He is a graduate of Columbia Law and Brown University.
Faiza S. Issa


NYC Dept. of Small Business Services

Faiza S. Issa is Assistant Commissioner at the NYC Dept. of Small Business Services (SBS) where she oversees the organization’s Innovation and Strategy team. Prior to that, she was Director of Cross-Sector Entrepreneurship Initiatives at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Her work includes designing and implementing initiatives that strengthen the NYC entrepreneurship ecosystem. Prior to joining SBS, Faiza worked at the Council on Foreign Relations and at Goldman Sachs. She is a graduate of Yale University and NYU Law.
Miles Spencer


For over twenty years, Miles has distinguished himself as a creator of ideas, a builder of businesses, and a leader of organizations. Capital events following his efforts have realized over a billion dollars of value for shareholders, including notable successes in digital media like Register.com, Operative, Bell Family, Cellufun, Mojiva, Mocean mobile, AppTaris and TrustCloud. Miles is a rookie dad, with two kids under two years old.
Anita M. Sands


Symantec and ServiceNow

Dr. Anita M. Sands is a global technology and business leader, public speaker, and advocate for the advancement of women. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of two public companies – Symantec Corporation, the world’s leader in computer security, a Fortune 500 company; and Service Now, the enterprise IT cloud company. Her career to date in Financial Services saw her being appointed as the youngest ever Senior Vice President at the Royal Bank of Canada, where she served as the Head of Innovation and Process Design.
Jack Hidary


Samba Energy

Jack D. Hidary built his career as a tech entrepreneur and has been dedicated to public service in education, sustainable energy and economic growth. Jack co-founded and served as Chairman and CEO of EarthWeb/Dice.com (NYSE:DHX), the leading online job board for the IT sector. Jack serves on several board including the Google X Labs advisory board, the Palo Alto Prize advisory board and is on the board of trustees of the X Prize Foundation.
Hugh Molotsi

Hugh Molotsi

Hugh Molotsi is the Vice President of the Intuit Labs Incubator at Intuit. Hugh has a passion for innovation and has helped launch several new businesses at Intuit including Intuit Payments. Hugh’s current responsibilities involve incubating nascent offerings that develop out of Intuit’s grassroots innovation programs. Outside work, Hugh is on the financial advisory board of #YesWeCode, an initiative to teach low-opportunity youth how to code. He is also the past president of the Board of Directors of Fresh Lifelines for Youth, a nonprofit agency that runs programs for at-risk youth. Hugh holds an MS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara Univ. and a BS in Computer Engineering Technology from the Univ. of Southern Miss.
Rachel Wiess

Rachel Wiess

Rachel Weiss is an award-winning digital professional and recognized thought-leader with vast experience in emerging technology and digital marketing practices. Currently, she is responsible for creating digital marketing and innovation strategy focusing on mobile, social, content and disruptive technologies across L’Oréal USA. She is also responsible for new digital business ventures and partnerships at the company. Weiss leads relationships with VC firms and entrepreneurs to identify first-to-market opportunities for the beauty industry. Weiss is the founder of one of L’Oréal USA’s key initiatives – Women in Digital. This program supports women in the digital space by identifying and celebrating female entrepreneurs advocating digital and IT careers for women along with mentorship programs and testing opportunities.
Andrew Rubin

Andrew Rubin

As chief executive officer and founder, Andrew is responsible for the overall strategy, vision, and funding of Illumio. With expertise in the areas of network security and compliance management, Andrew is a frequent participant in panels, articles, and podcasts for leading industry events and publications. Prior to Illumio, Andrew was president of Cymtec and led Business Development for VoiceNet, where he was responsible for sales strategy, business development activities, and customer relationship management. Andrew graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BSBA in Finance.

Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners represent the very best of New York and global business. Facilitating two-way dialogue between emerging and established companies creates lasting benefit for both, and the broader NYC economy.




Growth Partners

Starting a company isn’t easy. And while some tasks are more vital than others, every company needs to be buttoned up when it comes to their foundational documents and term sheets, their tax and accounting policies, and their strategy for making themselves known to the world. The best way to cover these bases is by working with the pros. So we’ve assembled some of the best in the game:

Cornell tech

Programming Partner

Katten Law

Eisner Amper
Tax & Accounting

m booth

Strategic Communications

general assembly

Community Partner

Educational Partners

Fostering the next generation of tech talent and broadening access to the benefits of the tech economy is in our DNA. We’ve partnered with some of NYC’s premier high schools to place their best recent graduates as interns with GCT companies and leverage the advice and influence of their alumni as mentors. We also work with and support a number of programs that bolster and expand STEM instruction and/or provide exposure to the NYC tech economy for talented young people from public schools around the city.

Bronx Software
Bronx Compass
Girls who code
Regis NYC School
Riverdale Country School
Trinity School
Choate Rosemary Hall



We’re looking for companies that span the entire startup spectrum. We believe mixing companies of varying levels of maturity can unlock potential. And we’re looking for individuals interested in building a community that takes mentorship and diversity as seriously as value creation and growth.

We prefer to think of the “tech” in GCT as “tech-facilitated entrepreneurship.” We’re as interested in the next big data platform as developing the next great hearing aid. We want the best companies working to solve big problems and tackle significant challenges.

GCT is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity with a specific focus on women, underrepresented minorities, and veterans. We are proud that the composition of our inaugural class reflects the composition of the great city in which we work.

If you think you’re after something big, we want to hear from you.

Apply Now!


Nope. Believe it. We only ask two things: One, to be a great community member and to take on at least one intern from our internship program. In the past, 85% of our interns have been offered ongoing, paid work with their companies. They are great. Two, to commit to staying in the building for a period of four years provided doing so is not deleterious to your business. We’ve built a highly configurable, 40,000 square foot coworking space to fit your company’s needs as they grow.
Because you will get access to absolute best-in-class resources at the best possible rates: FREE. Our community of mentors and advisers, the resources we’ve assembled, and the companies/potential customers and investors we will expose you to will give your company the very best chance possible at success. And, once your time in the Accelerator is completed, we have ensured you will retain connectivity to an enduring, supportive community focused on value creation and building the foundations for tech growth in New York City. Nothing like Grand Central Tech exists yet. Help us build it.
You should apply as soon as your materials are ready. Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. All applications are due by end of day April 30th (that’s 11:59pm EST).
We review every single application and conduct interviews where appropriate on a rolling basis beginning in April, running through May, with final decisions made in June.
GCT’s 2015 class will kick off the first week of July. The program will run through Memorial Day of 2016.
Yes! We will host an open house during the application period so you can meet the team and check out the space. Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Twitter for updates on the date and details.
We look at 5 key areas for each applicant: 1.) Team dynamic and composition 2.) Scope of the idea (We especially like big, important ideas attacking big, lucrative markets) 3.) Traction 4.) Strength of underlying technology 5.) Community fit

2014 Class

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s GCT class!






Managing Director

Matt is Managing Director and co-founder of Grand Central Tech. Matt started his career in international development at Booz Allen before transitioning to innovation strategy consulting at Fahrenheit 212. From there, he became a Product Manager at ESPN working across the full range of their mobile products, most notably overseeing their College Football App, Webby-nominated for Best Sports App in 2013. He is also the founder of Barebands a watch and apparel business launching this spring.

Matt is a New York native, and currently a resident of Brooklyn. A graduate of Rice University, he and Charlie are both graduates of Regis High School.

Follow him on Twitter at @mbharrigan.



Managing Director

Charlie is Managing Director and co-founder of Grand Central Tech. In addition to his role at GCT, Charles runs the Venture Debt practice at Three Point Capital. Prior to GCT, he co-founded River Twice Capital, a global hedge fund started in 2010, where he was an analyst and Portfolio Manager. He began his career at Fred Alger Management as a Research Associate, where he covered the consumer sector.

Charlie is a Brooklyn native and lives with his fiancee, The Boss, in downtown Manhattan. A graduate of Tufts University, he and Matt are both graduates of Regis High School.

Follow him on Twitter at @cvbonello.


Eddie Cullen

Community Manager
Eddie is Community Manager of Grand Central Tech. Eddie started his career with a two-year stint teaching at Brophy Preparatory in Phoenix and one year playing professional rugby in Australia.

In noticing some inefficiencies in how students are trained for jobs, Eddie founded his first startup, Bridge. He developed a video game replicating the professional environment for Portfolio Managers with the goal of tracking and improving the employability skills of students. Recently, Eddie directed the sole incubator at Fordham University, Fordham Foundry, overseeing all operations, programming, and strategy. He specializes in customer development and experiential education for entrepreneurs.

Eddie was born in the Bronx but grew up only a few blocks away from Grand Central Tech. He is a graduate of Fordham University and Xavier High School.

Follow him on Twitter at @eddiefcullen.

Aparna Mukherjee

Director of Operations
Aparna is Grand Central Tech’s Director of Operations. As a journalist and media executive, she brings 20 years of experience working for the world’s biggest news outlets, including Associated Press, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and The New York Times, where she ran the paper’s online education platform and related digital ventures. Prior to becoming GCT’s first hire, Aparna launched social media for McKinsey & Co as the firm’s first social media editor and relaunched Morgan Stanley’s alumni network online.

Aparna is a born (if not raised) New Yorker who’s lucky enough to have spent formative years living in SF, Philadelphia, Hong Kong, and Berlin. An alumna of Bryn Mawr College, Aparna holds a dual MA Journalism and MBA from Columbia University, where she was a Knight-Bagehot Fellow in Economics and Business and lectures executive MBAs on digital strategy.

Follow her on Twitter at @aparnamuk.

Interested in helping us build Grand Central Tech? and let us know why and how you would like to get involved.